Cap This! Live

  • 2 or 3 rounds (depends)
  • Link pics in the chat, along with a caption
  • Use the thumbs up emoji to vote
  • Round does not change until anyone participating has a turn
  • The winners of each round will compete againest each other to be the grand winner
  • Grand winners/winners get a userbox saying they won a round in Cap This! Live
    • The Grand winner gets their pic on the blog
  • Participants get a general participation userbox

"Alright, so this is a special Cap This activity round called Cap This! Live.

Where you'll get to post your captions live in the chat. How it works is that anyone participating will get to link a pic, along with a caption. Then everyone else that's participating will use the thumbs up emoji if you feel like it's a good or funny caption.

There will be (2 or 3) rounds, but it will not go to the next round until all participants get their captions in and voted (we'll be taking turns). Then the winners of each round will go againest each other in a finale round for the grand winner and everyone who's participated gets to vote each winner's caption if they feel it's good. (winners take turns just like the rounds)

Lastly, winners and grand winners get a userbox saying they won a round in Cap This! Live, and participants get a general participation userbox. The grand winner also gets their caption on the blog."