Some random, funny, or weird things that people have said on the IRC. This is just a backup page as the official is on the users wiki.

Aimers the PervEdit

[20:46] <Aimers> I touch you for fun >.>

[12:41] <Aimers> I looooove touching Musou :3

[12:45] <neko-naito> I was attacked by some IDIOT in the IRC!
[12:45] <Aimers> but not sexually Emoticon010.png


[21:54] <TDF> What is the collective name for chicken, ducks and turkeys in the wild?
[21:54] <TDIFan13> birds
[21:54] <neko-naito_> FOWL
[21:54] <TDA15> Coup
[21:54] <TDA15> FOWL
[21:54] <TDIFan13> birderia


[18:07] <TDIFan13> what if I renamed to Cereal-
[18:07] <TDIFan13> like I asked Wikia to change my name
[18:07] <PrinceBlake> you should be Porridge-
[18:07] <PrinceBlake> Prince Blake
[18:07] <PrinceBlake> or Bread-
[18:07] <PrinceBlake> Toast-
[18:07] <PrinceBlake> Eggs-
[18:07] <PrinceBlake> BreakfastFoods-

Cum on MygetoEdit

[21:17] <Jaxswim> Cum on, Mygeto
[21:17] <Jaxswim> Emoticon006.png
[21:17] <TDIFan13> Emoticon010.png
[21:18] <TDIFan13> Cum on Mygeto?
[21:18] <Samtastic450> Emoticon010.png
[21:18] <TDIFan13> Emoticon010.png
[21:18] <TDIFan13> No one is ejaculating on Mygeto.
[21:18] <TDIFan13> -_-
[21:18] <Mygeto> …o_o
[21:20] <TDAwesome15> awkward silence.......

Freehugs HurtsEdit

[01:18] <Freehugs41> kk
[01:18] <Freehugs41> bye
[01:18] <TDIFan13> NO
[01:18] <TDIFan13> DON'T GO
[01:18] *** Freehugs41 has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[01:18] <TDIFan13> I'M KIDDING
[01:18] <TDIFan13> I LOVE YOU
[01:18] <Bbhinton15> We already covered that one.
[01:18] <Bbhinton15> "Silence."
[01:18] <Bbhinton15> "It's like life."
[01:18] <Bbhinton15> Blah, blah...
[01:18] <Mygeto> Kidding.
[01:18] <Mygeto> It's like life.
[01:18] <TDIFan13> O.O
[01:19] <TDIFan13> FH!!!
[01:19] <TDIFan13> YOU'RE BACK!!!
[01:19] <Mygeto> since it's all lies.
[01:19] <TDIFan13> We can hang out now! ^^
[01:19] <Mygeto> Naw, just me.
[01:19] <TDIFan13> >.>
[01:19] <TDIFan13> Wanna still hang out? :D
[01:19] <Mygeto> Nope.
[01:19] <TDIFan13> Emoticon009.png
[01:19] <Bbhinton15> Ouch.

Good TimingEdit

[12:06] <WebkinzMania> Where is everyone?
[12:06] <CountdownChamp> IDK.
[12:06] *** Codyfan9000 has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[12:06] *** BarBar has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[12:06] <CountdownChamp> e-mailed the TDI Blog.
[12:06] <CountdownChamp> LOL.
[12:07] *** Ditzy_Doo2 has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[12:07] *** Ditzy_Doo3 has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[12:07] <CountdownChamp> Hai Jackson & Bar.

Idiot PillsEdit

[22:44] <TotalDramaNaruto> Ryan
[22:44] <Mygeto> Ew, how is Heather your favorite? >~> @WM
[22:44] <Mygeto> That's so TDIFan-esque.
[22:44] <TotalDramaNaruto> did you take some b**ch pills today?
[22:44] <Bigez> Owen's 13th on my list.
[22:44] <Bigez> Does that please you?
[22:44] <Bigez> @Mygeto
[22:44] <Mygeto> NO. Emoticon001.png @Bigez
[22:44] <WebkinzMania> I've seriously grown to like heather
[22:44] <Bigez> That's not fair. Emoticon001.png
[22:44] <WebkinzMania> especially toward the end of TDWT
[22:45] <Bigez> My good characters start at like, 20.
[22:45] <Bigez> Emoticon001.png
[22:45] <TDIFan13> I don't know, did you take idiot pills today @TDN
[22:45] <numbuhthreefan> Heather is 10 on my list. Which is support for me.
[22:45] <TDIFan13> Oh wait you don't need pills for that
[22:45] <TDIFan13> >.>
[22:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> >.>
[22:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> step off
[22:45] <numbuhthreefan> lol


[18:26] <+Dave|> You'll get it next time big guy Emoticon007.png

[18:29] <+Dave|> AHHH STOOOOPPP
[18:29] <+Dave|> *falls off*
[18:29] <+Dave|> Owwww

[18:31] <+Jasmine|> (conf) I honestly hope she doesn't fall off. But I mean- I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it happen.

[00:34] <+Topher|> Alright! Time for the Topher experience!
[00:34] <+Topher|> Emoticon-winking.png
[00:35] <@Don|> Probably a short-lived one.
[18:36] <@Amy13> (make the experience fast. we have 5 minutes until part 2 of the challenge.)

[01:14] <+Dave|> Well I shouldn't judge, I'm afraid of getting dirty...

[19:36] * Dave| closes his eyes and embraces the pig

[00:38] <+Dave|> You're so strong! You got this!

[19:50] <+Dave|> But it's so small...
[19:50] <+Dave|> She can hardly move...

[23:16] <+Dave|> Well, it still means Topher has more experience than me so I'll roll with it

[18:57] * Dave| is covered in bites

[18:12] <+Dave|> S-So much's not even normal...

[18:15] <+Leonard09> I-is it over?
[18:15] <+Jasmine|> That was t-too much...

[18:15] <+Dave|> (conf) Was that hurtful? I didn't mean it to be hurtful...

[18:16] <@Don|> Thought I was too old to have fun?

[18:55] <+Dave|> (conf) Topher has some really swift moves. He's so fast.

[19:20] <+Dave|> Are we going to get dirty? ;-;

[19:51] * Shawn| grabs it, tossing it in his mouth
[19:51] <@Samey3> You can do this, Shawn.
[19:51] <+Leonard09> Amazing!
[19:51] <+Jasmine|> Nice job, Shawn! Show no fear!
[19:51] * Shawn| swallows, then shows a thumbs up


[18:31] * Chef| laughs a little after hearing Sky taunting Don, he continued to watch the challenge

[00:33] * Chef| observes sky falling and gets a little dissapointed

[18:40] * Chef| watches Amy shooting her sister, his face shows a happy smile*

[18:55] * Chef| looks unimpressed to the work of the Bears because of the overuse of pink, he then moves with Don to see the next one

[20:00] * Chef| Looks to both contestants, specially to Rodney, he smiles slighty in signal of respect the guts the man had

[18:27] * Chef| some sounds can be heard nearby by Rodney of the trees "moving"

[18:28] * Chef| as Rodney decide to look out what is, the killer with the chainsaw and the hook get slowly behind his back and stay silent, he then breathes heavily one time in order to call the attention of the contestant behind him and scare the hell out of him

[18:34] * Amy13 keeps walking to the showers.
[18:34] * Amy13 is apparently not going to get captured by Chef.
[18:34] * Amy13 is fine with that.
[18:34] * Amy13 keeps walking.
[18:34] * Amy13 keeeeeeps walking.
[18:34] * Amy13 is still walking.
[18:34] * Amy13 walks more.
[18:34] * Amy13 stops, checks her makeup, then keeps walking.
[18:34] * Amy13 takes a deep breath.
[18:34] * Chef| notices the girl entering alone the bathroom, he follows her slowly and finally opens the door making her notice his presence

[18:39] * Chef| observes the Confused bears from a tree, he's waiting for a moment to capture one of them discretly

[18:42] * Chef| moves to his next target, he's observing the bears, right now, right as topher enters the cave, he captures dave

[18:44] * Chef| NOW he's observing the bears, ready for the next victim, he's just waiting the same mistake from one of the two, as right someone enters it, he captures the contestant that was behind
[18:44] <+Leonard09> H-hello? Killer? You in here?

[18:52] * Chef| advances to contestants is direction ready to capture one of them


[17:29] <CD-TDA> oh xD haha imo :p
[17:30] <numbuhthreefan> no need to say 'that' at the end
[17:31] <CD-TDA> what?
[17:31] <CD-TDA> say what?
[17:31] <CD-TDA> ":p"?
[17:32] <numbuhthreefan> No, I meant no need to say "imo," cause you’re not stating an opinion.
[17:34] <CD-TDA> why do you have something against "imo"?
[17:34] <CD-TDA> @n3
[17:36] <numbuhthreefan> I don't. I feel like that imo has been overused way too much.
[17:36] <CD-TDA> but you're the one who uses it the most? lmao
[17:37] <numbuhthreefan> no I don't
[17:37] <CD-TDA> yes you do
[17:37] <CD-TDA> lol
[17:37] <numbuhthreefan> No, I do not. I say it occasionally, but mostly "in my opinion" when I'm actually stating one.
[17:38] <numbuhthreefan> I think other users use it more
[17:38] <CD-TDA> do you want me to ask people in the IRC whether you use "Imo" or not
[17:38] <CD-TDA> because they will all say that you say "imo" haha
[17:38] <numbuhthreefan> no need to ask
[17:39] <CD-TDA> okay because you know I'm right haha
[17:39] <numbuhthreefan> but I kinda say omg more lol
[17:39] <CD-TDA> no I don't think so
[17:40] <numbuhthreefan> I know what I say.
[17:40] <CD-TDA> ok xD

Racist BiosEdit

[22:53] <Mygeto> DJ and LeShawna's bios are racist as hell. >~>
[22:54] <TDIFan13> WTF
[22:54] <TDIFan13> Emoticon001.png
[22:54] <TDIFan13> HOW

[22:54] <Mygeto> Cuz Deej's black, he knows how to dance?
[22:55] <Mygeto> And LeShawna never mentioned a grandmother in the show, now she has one in this? Emoticon001.png
[22:55] <Mygeto> What's her Gramma's name, Madea? Emoticon001.png

That's What She SaidEdit

[16:58] <Kgman04> I'll actually be trying, now.
[16:58] <WebkinzMania> TWSS
[16:58] <Kgman04> You don't understand how hard I just--
[16:58] <TDAddict> Same. xD @KG
[16:58] <Kgman04> Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. xD
[16:58] <WebkinzMania> TWSS!
[16:58] <WebkinzMania> AGAIN!
[16:58] <WebkinzMania> xDDDDDDDDDDDD
[16:58] <Kgman04> DON'T SAVE THAT.
[16:58] <Kgman04> O_O

The Hangover 4Edit

[20:52] <TambourineMania> The Hangover 4
[20:52] <TambourineMania> Starring Ryan, Kg, WM, Rue, and CD...
[20:52] <Kgman04> soundtrack by N3

Thinking In TyposEdit

[23:30] <TDA15> [23:30] <TotalDramaNaruto> I think my brain says double em or somthing
[23:30] <TDA15> So you think in typos too

United States DominationEdit

[21:54] <Crash85> Do canadians watch "Mounties" instead of "Cops"? Emoticon001.png
[21:55] <Crash85> CD-TDA, go back to snorting maple syrup! Emoticon001.png
[21:56] <Crash85> Srsly, doesn't CD-TDA have a beaver to save or something instead of arguing?
[21:59] <Crash85> Wait... aren't Canadians like, afraid of the dark?
[22:00] <Crash85> CD-TDA, Canada's only resource is Celine Dion. And she's pretty run out.
[22:02] <Crash85> Looks like CD-TDA took a ride on one too many zambonis. -.-
[22:03] <Crash85> Go back to your donut and moose meat dinner, CD. Emoticon001.png
[22:04] <Crash85> The canadian way of robbing the bank is simply to buy a game of Monopoly.
[22:09] <Crash85> CD-TDA, just go and convert your temperature to Celcius. -.-
[22:13] <Crash85> CD-TDA's upset because she wen't to jail instead of getting her $200 allowance. -.-
[22:15] <Crash85> Canada uses Monopoly money, so does that mean that their health care is free parking?
[22:18] <Crash85> You know, I'm afraid I know why Canada's called the Great White North. Emoticon002.png
[22:21] <Crash85G> Canada's idea of a weapon of mass destruction is tying a snow shovel to a polar bear. -.-

[22:04] <Bbhinton15> The only GOOD THING Canada has produced is Drake, and he looks like a foot. >.>

Odds and Ends: CD-TDAEdit

[13:41] <CD-TDA> KG'S F***ING THE HORSE.
[13:41] <Politoed89> SO ARE YOU.

[16:39] <Politoed89> And CD-TDA, YOU'RE Jam's boyfriend.

[17:07] <Totoro|> CDTDA is sort of a man right?

[18:23] <Bigez> CD-TDA if you had to go on a date with one of three of the following Total Drama Island Wiki users, who would it be? TDIFan13, Bigez620, or Lizcat68? Commas and question marks are not a part of the username. No one, all of them, or anything related is not an option.
[18:24] <CD-TDA> Uhhh.
[18:24] <Bigez> Uhhh is not a user.

[00:10] <TDIFan13> CD-TDA's aim is about as good as her loving.

[12:37] <Jaxswim> Who's the father?
[12:38] <CD-TDA> Ale.
[12:42] <CD-TDA> No, Ale got me pregnant.

[16:27] <CD-TDA> WM's font is painful.
[16:27] <Bbhinton15> You're painful.

[21:09] <CD-TDA> Doinky, Ale. Rape is surely a travesty. Surely none of our esteemed users would do that.
[21:10] <Ale-Alejandro> Except you, CD.

[12:45] <WebkinzMania> CD is a drug addict?
[12:45] <CD-TDA> Yes--

[19:15] <CD-TDA> PMS jokes aren't funny. Period.

[13:26] <CD-TDA> I hate having PMS open when people aren't here. Emoticon010.png
[13:26] <CD-TDA> PM's!
[13:26] <CD-TDA> PM's!
[13:26] <CD-TDA> PM's!

[13:31] <CD-TDA> *eats the carpet* Emoticon013.png

Odds and Ends: Kgman04Edit

[13:48] *** Kgman04 sets mode +q on Lizcat68
[13:48] <Lizcat68> I g2g anyways.
[13:48] <Kgman04> HOW ARE YOU SPEAKING?!

[18:08] <Kgman04> I wish homework was asexual, so it could do itself.

[22:34] == Kgman04 has changed nick to TDWIKI-CHAT

[18:57] <Kgman04> "Dave's birthday is..... *spins wheel* October.... *spins wheel* ..... 17

[01:17] <Kgman04> ....I'm gonna go.
[01:17] <Tdifan24> Leave someone op
[01:17] <Tdifan24> :(
[01:17] <Kgman04> ChanServ has Op. >.>
[01:17] <TDA15> Anyone besides Jake.
[01:17] <Tdifan24> Anyone besides TDA15
[01:17] <Mygeto> Someone who isn't a robot
[01:17] *** Kgman04 sets mode +o on RuneScript
[01:17] <Kgman04> :)
[01:18] <Mygeto> What'd I just say?
[01:18] <Kgman04> RuneScript is a bot.
[01:18] <Kgman04> Not a RObot.
[01:18] <Kgman04> >.>
[01:18] <Mygeto> >~>

[16:01] <Kgman04> it's been 12 auditions and i'm already over these fucking twins

[18:06] <Kgman04> i'm the plastic surgery ryan is going to have to do on dave's lines in this transcript

Odds and Ends: numbuhthreefanEdit

[22:21] <numbuhthreefan> Enough. Oreo is a dog, dogs can't type or understand electronics.

[18:41] <Kobalt> Would you mind us giving you the wiki founder rights? Emoticon010.png
[18:41] <Kobalt> you deserve it imo
[18:41] <numbuhthreefan> cool, sure Emoticon007.png

Odds and Ends: PokemonweloveEdit

[18:19] <Politoed89> Dammit!
[18:19] <Politoed89> My dog ate my headphones!
[18:19] <Pokemonwelove> SWEAR ALERT!

[18:19] <Pokemonwelove> SPAM

[18:22] <Kgman04> Dammit is allowed.
[18:23] <Pokemonwelove> not for meee

[12:49] * Pokemonwelove touches Pokemonwelove
[12:50] <neko-naito> That's also know as masturbation.
[12:50] <Pokemonwelove> IM A DUDE!!!!!!
[12:50] <NalydRenrut> Dudes can masturbate Emoticon010.png
[12:51] <Pokemonwelove> NO THEY CAN'T

[13:19] <WebkinzMania> What is sex? Emoticon010.png
[13:20] <Pokemonwelove> sexual intercourse is the process in which two organisms take part in activities, creating a baby.

[13:23] <WebkinzMania> What is a marriage? Emoticon010.png
[13:25] <Pokemonwelove> when two people who are in love agree in holy matrimony to be with each other for life, and in Some religeons, that allows them to take part in sexual intercource
[13:26] <WebkinzMania> Why do you bring sex into everything? Emoticon010.png"

[13:34] <Pokemonwelove> Let me do one!

[13:41] <Pokemonwelove> DO IT! PUT THE ONE WITH WM CHECKING ME OUT!

[13:51] <Pokemonwelove> I think Bigez is just QOS impersonating. hes climing in the chats, kickin ur people out, so hide the admins, hide ur rollbacka, and hide ur users cuz he kickin everyone out there

[16:55] <TDIFan13> lol WM is dumm
[16:55] <Pokemonwelove> you spelt dumb rong

[17:11] <Pokemonwelove> I got a gif up my butt!!!

[17:18] <Pokemonwelove> whos oatmeal? I MUST KNOW OR I WILL EAT HIM
[17:19] * Pokemonwelove eats oatmeal out of frustration
[17:19] <Pokemonwelove> say hi to musou while youre down there

Odds and Ends: TDIFan13Edit

[15:59] <TDIFan13> Just like how it was generous of Lizcat to give Bigez a blowjob.

[21:20] <TDIFan13> I'm not really inspired to do my rankings, or TDF.

[18:44] <QueenOrangeSoda> I was supposed to have my m**strual period on Monday, but I didn't.
[18:44] <TDIFan13> same

[22:37] <TDIFan13> Nalyd looks like a baby.
[22:37] <TDIFan13> He’s so cute.
[22:37] <TDIFan13> I could just fuck him into bed.

[16:48] <BarBar> I love you <3

[19:57] <TDIFan13> "Sorry, I have this policy of not talking to losers."
[19:57] <TDIFan13> Who wrote that?
[19:57] <TDIFan13> A 6-year-old?
[19:57] <Freehugs41> You, Ryan.
[19:57] <Freehugs41> You wrote that.

[21:53] <Bbhinton15> [20:52] <TDIFan13> I want you to die. -- This could be the reason... the very reason why.... the very, very reason why Ryan -- *record scratch* -- And some say on that day, Ryan's d**k shrunk 3x its size. -w-
[21:53] <neko-naito> So he doesn't have one now?
[21:54] <Bbhinton15> Yes. -w-

[21:49] * TDIFan13 takes a bottle of lotion and a picture of Musou into the bathroom, along with a box of tissues.
[21:49] * TDIFan13 locks the door.
[21:50] <WebkinzMania>

[19:40] <Bigez> I had a brownie after dinner.
[19:40] <Bigez> It had peanuts.
[19:40] <Bigez> Emoticon010.png
[19:40] <TDIFan13> I want your peanuts.

[19:17] <TDIFan13>
[19:17] <CrashMan85> I think that's the breast news Ryan's heard all day. Emoticon005.png

[20:48] <TDIFan13> N3's name is Isabelle Pomegrag?
[20:48] <TDIFan13> I thought N3's name was Numbuh
[20:48] <TDIFan13> Numbuh Inmahbuthol

    • That's not actually N3's name, as she has never revealed it.


[01:16] <TDIFan13> July 4
[01:16] <TDIFan13> no
[01:16] <TDIFan13> that's US Day

[18:04] * TDIFan13 shields her eyes.

Odds and EndsEdit

[20:47] * Bigez fu**s on the ground.

[16:19] <Lizcat68> UGH. CD-TDA, HARDER. HARDER.
[16:22] <Lizcat68> Ryan's an idiot. CD-TDA, hug me, he hurt my feelings. Maybe we can play find the soap. Emoticon-winking.png

[18:33] <Bbhinton15> I'm NOT A BOY!!!

[10:40] <Bbhinton15> *molests Musou*
[10:40] <Musou> *accepts* :/

[00:34] * TDAROCKS kisses Musou.
[00:34] * Musou pulls of her mask, revealing herself to be male.

[21:02] <LandryC> Why must I be so nice (nobody answer this)?
[21:03] <Politoed89> Because you are trying to get us in bed, Landry.

[19:17] *** neko-naito has quit (Client Quit)
[19:17] <Ale-Alejandro> Hai Neko.


[22:24] <Tdifan24> I'm trying to get adminship on the wiki

[20:33] *** WebkinzMania has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[20:33] <Freehugs41> #girlsIwouldeatout

[20:28] <OHF> NO RYAN!

[20:26] <WebkinzMania> This is my friend Luke. Luke is a truly beautiful person on the inside, but he suffers from a condition where his nipples turn into delicious McDonalds' hamburgers. Please show this teen he is infact beautiful. --

[17:00] <Ale-Alejandro> I'm an admin. calm yourselves, children.
[17:00] <rxyd> Doesn't seem like it.

[13:31] <TT66> If you haven't heard, I'm mesexual.

[13:32] * Tdifan24 finds a WM in Kg's mouth.

[15:38] <TT66> CD-TDA must want it bad from TDAROCKZ. Emoticon014.png
[15:38] <TDAROCKZ> TT, go sex your mom. -_-'

[12:41] <Jaxswim> I haven't seen Neko in a while.
[12:41] <Jaxswim> 3:
[12:41] *** WebkinzMania has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[12:42] <WebkinzMania> Where's neko? D:

[18:05] <TDFan1000> I was looking forward to the Bale reboot

[14:33] <Bigez> Ryan, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Emoticon009.png SORRY THAT YOU'RE SUCH A LAME, RED, OVER-BEARING, SADISTIC LOSER!!!!!!!!!

[20:22] <Beyonce> do you believe in gay marriage
[20:23] <FedoraKid> Personally, I don't support it, but I say let the states decide on their own.

[19:00] <Kevvy9> Can I swear at 11;30 pm?
[19:00] <Toadgamer80> that's like an hour past your bedtime

[19:20] <Bigez> Let's talk about something heartfelt.
[19:21] <Bigez> Remember how, almost four years ago, Ryan created Roleplay?

[22:15] <gsu_eagle_31049> Chris probably sold the title to Playa Des Losers to buy the Hurl of Shame

[19:25] *** BlastWave has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[19:25] <BlastWave> Hi
[19:25] *** TDF has joined #TDWIKI-CHAT
[19:25] <BlastWave> What's going on?
[19:26] <BlastWave> Is something wrong?
[19:27] *** BlastWave has left #TDWIKI-CHAT

[18:42] <TDA15> VS is probably in a mental hospital

[23:01] <neko-naito> WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IM FRYING

[19:27] <BarBar> Heather's crying in the confessionial was SO cute.

[19:18] <BarBar> Just so you know
[19:18] <BarBar> I have pretty nipples.

[23:35] <TDFan1000> My reaction to TDN being DJ and Leshawna: "Dammit, now its going to be twice as hard to get him out of this game."

[21:21] <TDA15> [21:20] <TDIFan13> I'm not really inspired to do my rakings, or TDF. -- why would you...nvm
[21:21] <TDIFan13> No!
[21:21] <TDIFan13> Ew!
[21:21] <TDIFan13> No, ew!
[21:21] <TDIFan13> Ewww!
[21:21] <Mygeto> XDDDDDDDDDDD
[21:21] <TDIFan13> Not like that!
[21:22] <TDIFan13> I meant my fanfiction.
[21:22] <TDIFan13> Total Drama Finale.

[21:20] <TDIFan13> "Hey campees! Toda yyou jhave to pleas ejjmyup o ffnhe d "
[21:20] <TDIFan13> "You know what just do whatever"

[19:38] <TotalDramaNaruto> Imma have to go afloat again. Fuck
[19:38] <Kobalt> ?
[19:38] <Kobalt> huh
[19:38] <Kobalt> @TDN

[19:23] <+Rodney|> Good thing our teammate, Amy, doesn't have any fears!
[19:24] <+Leonard09> (apparently leonard doesnt either!!! xDD)

[20:04] <+Beardo|> (OK fuck you)

[23:51] <TotalDramaNaruto> I'm inking
[23:51] <Pierzina> Tdn is a octopus
[23:51] <PrinceBlake> TDN is a printer

[8:57] <Oatmeal-> WHAT THE FUCK
[8:57] <TDIFan13> he literally never said that Oat
[8:57] <Oatmeal-> YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP
[8:57] <neko-naito> morezzella
[8:57] <numbuhthreefan> mozzarella sticks are really good
[8:57] <Ruebann> are vegan mozolerlla sticks even a thing
[8:57] <neko-naito> can none of you guys spell mozzarella
[8:57] <TDIFan13> can YOU spell pre-natal
[8:57] <numbuhthreefan> mozzarella