--- The Manchineel and Manchineel pie & fruit juice ---

9:36 Gogogadget831

(Samey) Hello Amy!
(Samey) Mmmm strawberries pie!

9:36 Numbuhthreefan

(amy) *smashes manchineel pie in Samey's face*

9:36 Gogogadget831

(Samey) *kicks Amy*
(Tom) *watches movie* What even is this?
(Samey) Enjoy your manchineel! *shoves it down Amy's throat*

9:37 Numbuhthreefan

(amy) UHH SAMEY! *shoves manchineel fruit down Samey's throat*

9:37 Gogogadget831

(Tom) *looks at cover of The Manchineel and Manchineel pie & fruit juice*
Can't believe I ordered this garbage!

9:38 Numbuhthreefan

(jen) I'm glad I'm watching this movie with you Tom.

9:38 Gogogadget831

(Tom) Me too, Jen
(Tom) *smirks and climbs on top of Jen*
(Tom) Let's make out.

9:38 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) Ohhhhh Amyyyyyyyy

9:38 Gogogadget831

(Amy) UGH SAMEY! *kicks Samey*

9:39 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) *forces Amy to drink manchineel fruit juice* DRINK

9:39 Gogogadget831

(Tom) *slides tongue inside Jen's mouth*
(Amy) *punches Samey*
(Amy) LEAVE! ME! ALONE!! *locks up room tightly*
(Tom) *makes out with Jen*

9:40 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) *breaks door*
(jen) *makes out with Tom*

9:40 Gogogadget831

(Samey) Where is my friend Desi?

9:41 Numbuhthreefan

(amy) *kicks Samey*

9:41 Gogogadget831

(Samey) I love pizza and Samey in sleepwear!
(Sugar) *munches on cabbage and shoves it down Amy's and Samey's throat*

9:42 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) *is in the kitchen baking a manchineel pie for Amy* This is gonna be good.
(samey) for Amy

9:42 Gogogadget831

(Amy) *shoves a manchineel fruit down Samey's throat* LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!
(Amy) *goes inside helicopter and flies away to Antarctica*

9:42 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) NO *samshes manchineel pie in Amy's face*

9:43 Gogogadget831

(Amy) *is far away from home*

9:43 Numbuhthreefan

(jen) Ohhhhhh my gosh! I can't believe we're watching this still.

9:44 Gogogadget831

(Tom) I know!
(Tom) You want to make out instead?

9:44 Numbuhthreefan

(samey) Where's Amy?

9:44 Gogogadget831

(Amy) *is hiding away from Samey*
(Amy) *buries self deep in hole*